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    Negative Ion Gel Insoles  


    Benefits may include relief from:

    • Hip knee and back pain
    • Tingling & numbness
    • Sports injuries
    • Circulation problems
    • Poor posture
    • Fallen arches & swelling

    Fits most shoe sizes & boots

    • Super Soft Ultra Suede Covering
    • Absorbs wetness & odor
    • Machine Washable
    • Durable rubber bottom
    • Trim for EXACT fit

    One Year Warranty


    Standing by the waves on a beach… lounging by a running stream… hiking near a cascading waterfall, opening your doors and windows to a thunder and lightening storm… All
    things most of us love to do. Why? It makes us feel good! Energized, in-tune with the moment, alive!

    Why? Is it the sights, smells and feel of the air and moisture? The idea of being close to nature? It makes us feel good, so good that these are some of the things people think of most when visualizing a calming, serene place or experience.

    What is it about these environments that create a universal feeling of well being? Many doctors and researchers believe it is the presence of Negative Ions that these natural phenomena produce. Conversely, Positive Ions are generated by many things we encounter in our daily lives. Things that emit EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) are substantial producers of Positive Ions: Fluorescent lighting, computers, printers, cell phones and televisions– most all electrical devices. Positive Ions are also found in abundance in asphalt, concrete, many building materials and are loaded in smoggy and polluted air. Positive Ions are thought to be responsible for contributing to many maladies including allergies, depression, lethargy, inflammation and many other conditions.

    There are countless studies which support the benefits of Negative Ions while warning about the dangers of Positive Ions.

    Short of moving to a place on the beach or near moving water sources, how can we get natural exposure to Negative Ions.


    The natural mineral that emits Negative Ions! Tourmaline is a naturally occurring mineral compound that emits Negative Ions. This gemstone has been used for centuries by people who have experienced many health benefits which are similar to those felt when exposed to Negative Ions which occur in nature. Users have reported benefits like over-all mood improvement, an increase in energy, inflammation reduction which can result in pain relief. The effects of Negative Ions vary between people, intriguing many Doctors and Scientists to continue research into the many positive outcomes for those exposed to Negative Ions.

    MOJO-Soul Insoles are filled with a soothing gel which is infused with Tourmaline Powder. You can see the brown colored powder in the insoles. When compared to a regular insole by a Negative Ion reader, counts tell the whole story: The non-infused insoles register Negative Ions, Mojo-Soul insoles contain negative ions!


    When you wear your MOJO-Souls for the first few days your feet may need some time to get used to the massaging action! You may want to start out using them for a few hours a day and build up to wearing them full time. The insoles do not conform to your feet, your feet will learn to adjust to the gel to bring comfort and relief to problem areas which may include you knees, hips and back. After you wear them for the first several days, your posture and the areas of your feet which absorb the most shock will likely begin to shift and find their new equilibrium, making your feet say AHHHHH! Allow a break-in period of a few weeks, after all your feet have been pounding the pavement in the same manner for a long time!

    You may prefer the ION gel to cover more or less area at the tops or bottoms of your feet. Let your body settle on the insoles, see what feels best. The ION Gel will conform to the
    weights and contours of your feet. MOJO-Souls are designed to cut to trim to your exact specifications. Before trimming, stand on the soles on a hard surface without wearing shoes. You may want to try this a few times to determine the amount of trimming you want to do.

    For best results, if possible remove the liner from the shoes you will be using the insoles in to use as a template. Trim in small increments and try them in the shoes until you get to your desired fit.

    Do not trim the sides or heel end of the insoles, they are not intended to be trimmed and may result in leakage. We do not take returns for items damaged by improper trimming.



Wristbands: WHAT’S MY SIZE?

The wristbands are made of surgical grade silicone and will stretch over your hand. They can be worn tight or loose depending your preference.
As a rule, 90% of men wear a 8” band and women a 7” band. The 9” are for very large wrists.
We have a quick and easy exchange policy if you do order the wrong size.