Watch Out For Fakes



MOJO vendors on E-Bay, Amazon, Alibaba, Trade Key, Craig's List, Facebook and others are not authorized resellers and are likely selling fake wristbands. 

While the products and even the packaging appear to be authentic, they are likely to be counterfeits!

Don't be fooled by the "special pricing" offers they advertise.

Authentic Mojo Future Tech products are not offered to these vendors. 

To be sure your MOJO is genuine, make your online purchases here or from our exclusive international distributors found at the links above.

If you wish to report entities or individuals you believe are selling fakes, please contact us and  We will persue and prosecute.

Wristbands: WHAT’S MY SIZE?

The wristbands are made of surgical grade silicone and will stretch over your hand. They can be worn tight or loose depending your preference.
As a rule, 90% of men wear a 8” band and women a 7” band. The 9” are for very large wrists.
We have a quick and easy exchange policy if you do order the wrong size.