We hear great things everyday from happy MOJO Wristband customers.

Many athletes and fans tell us about their enhanced athletic abilities, pain relief and improvement in their overall sense of well-being while wearing Mojo. Here are a few of our recent customer comments:

colleen-rutledge-rolex16.jpg"I've found a huge reduction in my leg cramps and so has my mother. I even took it off for a few days and the cramps started to reoccur. It's also been helping with my chronic ache in the hip that I broke a couple of years ago. It's making a huge difference improvement in my horse's trailering habits. He arrives to the shows more relaxed and stays more relaxed for a longer time. We've found that he's better if we leave them on for the longest period possible."

-Colleen Rutledge


"I have always had issues with neck and I get bad pains a couple times a year. At Rolex in 2014, my neck was so painful that I couldn't concentrate fully on riding. I hate being touched or the thought of a massage, and was at a loss of what to do. My friend suggested I try his MOJO wristband. I haven't taken the MOJO off since and my neck pains are gone!"


sherwood.jpg"Since using and understanding MOJO, we have noticed a difference in certain horses perfor-mance, recovery and pre and post race behavior. LEMONY BAY and RAYVIN BLACK get quite fractious when travelling and pre-race so they wear their MOJO constantly. MANY CLOUDS and PUFFIN BILLY use them to help concentrate on the big occasions. Even the staff wear the wristbands to aid niggles and energy levels. I would recommend using MOJO to keep ahead of the stresses and strains that come from horseracing."

- OLIVER SHERWOOD Grand National Winning Trainer 2015

1.png“I have been training and driving standardbred racehorses for over 22 years. I have always got a little tense a couple of days out from a race meeting but since wearing my MOJO wristband I no longer do so, even the day of the races I am completely relaxed and I have never been like this in the past. My energy levels have also increased dramatically.

I was so impressed with the benefits I was experiencing I had to try a set of the Equine MOJO Patches on a very nervous racehorse that I have. The difference in the horse was incredible, it was like taking a different horse to the races. He would normally tremble and shut down on us but with the patches he was not nervous at all and took in his environment, as a result of this I believe his performance was markedly improved.

Since experiencing these great results I have recommended the MOJO products to many, sometimes sceptical friends and acquaintances whom have ALL been equally impressed.”

– Warren C.


guywrist.jpg“My name is Victor Tello and I discovered MOJO at the Carlsbad triathlon. I was kindly given a wrist band to experience this amazing energy. I wanted to thank you again for introducing me to MOJO, because of its amazing strength it’s transformed my weekly training to another level. My recovery is better, my climbing is stronger, and my running core is straighter than ever due to better balance.

I can’t stop telling teammates, friends, and co-workers about MOJO. Ive learned more about MOJO and I am thrilled to see how my racing performance will unravel after a couple more months of training.

Thanks again for MOJO. I will spread the news and demonstrate MOJO to friends!”

– Victor T.

3.jpg“I bought a MOJO for my father for Father’s Day. He has not been able to lift his arms over his head since he had shoulder surgery 7 years ago. As soon as he put the bracelet on, his arms went straight over his head with NO pain! The look on his face was priceless!!!”

– Thomas L.


white.jpg“My grandmom is going CRAZY over the mojo bracelet. She has had issues with balance and has been to three different doctors. I sent her a Mojo for her birthday and after wearing it for one day she can feel a major difference.

– Meredith L.


black.jpg“We really like the benefits we have experienced since last Friday wearing our wristbands. We had a long walk (for me) from the parking lot to the home show. I was breathing heavy and nearly out of breath by the time we got to the home show. I usually am very tired with hip and back pain whenever I do much walking. However, after we started wearing the wristbands I didn’t experience the pain. I was able to stand taller, and when we left the home show I was able to walk back to the car without pain or being out of breath. I even walked faster than I normally do. I’m also able to stand from a sitting position without struggling to get up. My husband has experienced hip pain almost daily this past year. He doesn’t have any pain now that he is wearing the wristband.
Many thanks for this new technology.”

– Florence P.

red.jpg“I’m writing you this letter to tell your company about the increase in flexability I’ve experienced since using your MOJO wristbands. Truly at 49 years old, I didn’t think I’d ever get back into the swing of things like this product has allowed me to. It worked so well I am buying two more for my friends I golf with.”

– Bobby D.



7.jpg“My husband and I have been using the mojo products on ourselves and horses. I have noticed less joint pain in myself and my horse. He is running harder and better than ever. My husband and I have both noticed we have fewer migraines. The migraines we have gotten are less severe. We boyh recommended mojo products for yourself or your equine athletes!”
-Rachel Senft, barrel racer

black.jpg“Thanks for a great product. My husband’s pain and swelling from rheumatoid arthritis diminished so quickly, especially since he started using the second band. We’re ordering even more bands to see if the pain can completely be conquered. If you have ever had severe pain, you will benefit from this product!!”

– Shirely R.

“I am really impressed by the immediate results, today I bought my MOJO while suffering from a back pain, in the beginning I didn’t believe it but now I just have to say “Thank you”. The results are incredible!”

– James C.


“Difficult horses stood quietly, greatly reducing the time it took to get trims done or to reset shoes. The horses were calmer and seemed more comfortable. I know I was! A great tool to have on the truck for sure.”

– Edith R.



grey2.jpg“I just purchased a MOJO band and I have been wearing it for about an hour and a half and I cannot tell you how great I feel. I still cannot believe it! I did the same demonstration that was done to me to my whole family and they are shocked! I have never been able to do more than 2 push ups (yes 2 push ups) and I was able to do 8! I would really love to share this with all my loved ones and friends.
Again thank you and I am so glad I purchased a life changing bracelet.”

– Luz G.

11.jpg“When I first was told about the MOJO I could not believe it. After doing all kinds of balance demonstrations / tests I was able to borrow one for the day just to see if it made any difference. Well, I work on my feet up to 12 hours a day, that day I had to work from 10am to 2am. I knew with that long of a day, I would be sore from head to toe . But this time I felt GREAT. My feet and back felt great. I know its hard to believe but it is true. Since then it has been just over 2 weeks and I won’t go or do anything with out the MOJO! My family can not believe how much it has helped me feel and sleep better. My whole family will be getting one as soon has they can. They just can not believe how much it has helped.

The MOJO has gave me new hope for a pain free life. Thanks so much!”

– Nick K.



“I was lucky enough to bump into Harriet a few Hours after Galway 70.3 in September. She Recommended I wear a Mojo Bracelet to aid my recovery. Skeptical as I was I agreed. I haven’t taken the bracelet off since!!
I advise people to give them a try. You wont be disappointed!”

– Bryan McCrystal, Elite Triathlete


red.jpg“I bought a MOJO wristband about 4 months ago, on the day I got it, I went to show it to my friend. My friend was going to Ireland that day. She has Parkinsons so I said to her, “I think you need this MOJO to help you with your trip”. She was not steady on her feet due to her condition. Well, after her trip I didn’t get it back because she wouldn’t take it off! She was over the moon with it and says she feels a lot steadier on her feet and better about herself. I bought another one to help with my Arthritis in my knees and back. I found it hard to go up and down stairs. With every step I took pain would shoot through my knees. Well I have not changed my diet at all, but I bought a MOJO, and the pain in my knees and back has 99% gone. I don’t have any more trouble going up or down stairs now thanks to my MOJO. I have now purchased another two, another one for me, and one for my other friend.
Thanks Mojo!”

– Barbara M.


“I used MOJO to transport my gelding who is a nervous hauler and dances around at every stop light. I transport him to a local club twice a week, six months a year. Since wearing MOJO he has become very noticeably quieter and calmer. Thanks Mojo!”

– Jessica M.


Wristbands: WHAT’S MY SIZE?

The wristbands are made of surgical grade silicone and will stretch over your hand. They can be worn tight or loose depending your preference.
As a rule, 90% of men wear a 8” band and women a 7” band. The 9” are for very large wrists.
We have a quick and easy exchange policy if you do order the wrong size.